My choice for a water filtration system.

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               I researched these systems for about 4 months before I purchased this one. I am so glad I did. I am really happy with it. Previously, I used a large chain bottled water company and leased their dispenser/cooler.  Before I permanent switched over to this unit from the 5 gallon jugs, I tested the water from the jug 89 PPM, my tap water 289 PPM and this water 03 PPM (parts per million). After that test, I was determined to get rid of the large, heavy, costly jugs. This system is “split” meaning that the R.O. filter goes under the sink, it comes with an optional faucet that dispenses water at room temperature right at the sink. I have the cooling portion of this system about 20 feet away. I purchased 40 feet of 1/4 inch cable from Lowes. I had a T25 staple gun that shoots “U” shaped staples which I have used over the years to neatly run cat 5/6 Ethernet cable. This hose is about 1 Millimeter larger than Ethernet cable is, so it worked perfectly for this project.

Oasis Artesian Bottleless Water Dispenser Hot & Cold w/ Multi-Stage Filtration or Reverse Osmosis Filtration Complete Package Options R/O, Stainless Steel)